Thursday, January 26, 2012

Questions to Ask For Disaster Recovery (Analyzing the Impact)

A lot of companies take lightly the importance of a business impact analysis (BIA). In a nutshell, the BIA describes the potential risks of a corporation and the recovery time needed for each critical activity.

As part of a disaster recovery plan, the BIA has two components: exploratory and planning. The latter involves the strategies while the former reveals the vulnerabilities. Together, they can prepare a business to minimize the impact of failures in certain areas, including quality assurance, legal, safety, marketing, and finance.

Below are some basic business impact analysis sample questions, which always differ from one company to another. But a grasp of the fundamentals will produce a BIA that is incisive, targeted, and ultimately effective in fulfilling its critical role in a company.

Exploratory questions

Essentially, a good business continuance plan identifies the possible kinks in one's armor. With a clear view of the cracks and other weak points, a BIA can promptly address these concerns, believing that one component is dependent on other units. It is a case of the whole being the sum of its parts.

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