Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To The Easy Small Business Marketing Idea

Why did you decide to read this article?

I'll bet I know.

Humor me, and let me take a few guesses.



First, surely you own and operate some kind of small business, and as a result you'd like more new customers (or better results) from you next small business marketing campaign.


The word "easy" in the title of this article appealed to you.

Am I right?

If so, then you are not alone.

In fact, I'll bet a bushel of Napa Valley grapes almost everyone who reads this article will be attracted to it simply based on the word "easy". Why? Because nobody wants to struggle to get an end result.

And there-in lies the lesson in this article.

People want easy solutions to their problems.

Think about it this way:

If you designed a single pill that people could take once, that would cause them to lose all the weight they wanted, and as a result have a "killer bod" they always dreamed about, then don't cha' think you'd be the richest chap to ever walk the face of the earth?

Of course you would.

Because not a single person wants to work hard to lose weight.

And if they could pop a pill that made losing weight "easy" then who wouldn't want to do that?

Sure, on some deep level most people realize that a simple solution to whatever bugs them is not realistic. But they still want an easy solution. And people buy based on their "wants"... not based on their "needs".

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