Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dependable, Versatile, Durable (Magliner Dollies)

Magliner is the world leader in delivery equipment. We've all heard this a million times. Are they the leader? They could be. I can not tell you yes or no. However, I can tell you what I do know. I have worked at Buffalo Rock Distributing for the past 5 years. I get paid to deliver Pepsi and other Pepsi products. Ask almost any delivery driver out there and most would agree that the most important piece of equipment is your hand truck. Now most of our trucks are generally equipped with a "stand-up" and a "lay-down." The stand-up has only two wheels and you stack cases straight up and lean it back to you while pushing the product.

The lay-down has four wheels. It lays flat and looks more like a cart and you can fit more on to it. Like most other drivers, I am always in a hurry. Time is money in this industry. I do not take special care or baby my dollies. I just throw them on the truck and go! They are constantly getting banged around. My dollies are stored on the back of my truck. They slip into the bumper and are chained in place. My dollies are on the back of my truck 365 days a year. The only time that they come off are when I am using them. That means that they are exposed to the weather constantly. I need a product that can take the extreme temperatures and rain and sun. Magliner has not let me down yet.

The best thing about Magliner products is that they are virtually indestructible. They are built with heavy-duty parts that have me, the customer, in mind. There is no use for a dolly that is always falling apart. The wheels are durable. The aluminum is tough. The hinges do no stick. The amount of weight they can hold is impressive. The lay-down can be stacked up all the way to the top of the door. The weight will be fine, but you may have to down-stack to go in or out of the store! Be careful however with your shins. When the lay-down folds out, the bottom plate sticks up about knee-high. As long as there is product on the cart, then you can usually avoid it. However, if it is empty, you can overlook it. kicking the edge of it hurts! An easy way to avoid this is to fold up your lay-down once you have it emptied.

I use the stand up for smaller orders. The reason being that it is just easier to work with. It is lightweight and more compact. The tires allow you to transport goods both up and down the stairs, which is very handy if your customer is on the second story. It also allows you to jump curbs. Sure, there is more than likely a wheel chair ramp you can use. But, if the ramp is on the other side of the parking lot, then it is much more efficient to just slide up the curb and on to the sidewalk. Saving time saves money!

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